Welcome to Canada!

Experience New World Agriculture

Canada is a  leader in agriculture and agri-food, with exports known the world wide and a groundbreaking local food movement. Farming is the very foundation  the country was built on, attracting people to the New World  for generations.  Canadian food products are winning international acclaim  and  many of our agricultural and environmental programs are helping farmers everywhere, in Canada and abroad.

We’re excited to welcome more than 260 delegates to experience  New World agriculture as the world’s leading agricultural journalists  assemble for the first IFAJ congress  in Canada in  more than 40 years.

Canada is a  young nation compared to many other IFAJ member countries. But in our relatively short history, we have developed a  pride  in our innovations and our accomplishments – both those of our past, and those that are  helping define the future of agriculture. Ours and yours.

Owen Roberts, Lilian Schaer – Congress Co-Chairs, IFAJ 2011